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A Deep Dive into the Past, Present, and Future of Gaming Culture in India

Indias gaming history has a fascinating journey - from a me­re hobby, it has turned into a culture love­d by many. This article talks about gaming in India.

Valor-ant competitor LOL

When the same developer (in this case Riot Games) releases a new game like Valorant, it can affect the ecosystem of their existing sports games like League of Legends. Here are some possible ways League of Legends esports could evolve in a post-Valorant world:

DJ Discusses Bleed Esports’ Progress in DPC Tour 3 and SEA Dota 2

Bleed Esports has made significant progress in the third season of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) tour and the Dota 2 scene in Southeast Asia (SEA). Lets talk about their achievements and how they succeeded.

XSET and Breakaway Music Festival collaborate

The Breakaway Music Festival has formed a cooperation with North American esports company XSET. The two businesses will work together on a number of activations during the Breakaway event in Boston as part of the agreement. On-stage gaming at festivals and product drops with unique designs fall under this category.

How specialised player accessories function in esports

How specialised player accessories function in esports

iTero Gaming is among The Clutch Success Stories.

The passion for League of Legends of a data scientist Jack J. Williams, a seasoned data scientist in the UKs banking sector, felt that he had gone insane when he revealed his intention to quit his work and use his abilities to assist League of Legends players in choosing stronger

Esports education: Taking notes from the pros

Esports are currently taking stock. Consolidation, restructuring, and right-sizing are all taking place as the industry works to elevate its level of professionalism. Despite its difficulties, esports employment appeals to a generation that has grown up playing competitive video games and watching gaming

Is EA Sports FC prepared to replace FIFA?

FIFA and EA announced the dissolution of their collaboration in May of last year. The news shook the already complex digital football exclusive rights market, which has long been dominated by the long-running battle between Konamis eFootball (previously Pro Evolution Soccer) and the FIFA series.

How to be contacted by Smith Talent Acquisition to be considered for esports scholarships

Earning a sports scholarship for college in the United States is significant evidence of ones athletic ability and promise. Collegiate athletics are among the most well-liked sporting activities in a variety of colleges all around the US, and esports is slowly but surely making its impact here as well.

Esports in China: April 2023

In the previous month, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), and League of Legends have all experienced significant alliances and advances in Chinas esports market.

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