Who Are the Best Esports Teams?

The finest eSports teams throughout the world are difficult to rank because some are a part of larger corporations that participate in a variety of games. For instance, Team Liquid competes in 24 sports, ranging from Auto Chess to DOTA, and earns $2,250 and $22 million respectively for each sport.


Well just list them in order of total profits across all games, along with how many competitions theyve entered and which game brought in the most money.

  • Team Liquid: $33.8 million, 1622 tournaments, DOTA
  • OG: $33.4 million, 70 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • Evil Geniuses: $24 million, 798 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • Fnatic: $14.3 million, 856 tournaments, CS:GO
  • Newbee: $14 million, 180 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • $13.7 million, 470 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • Vici Gaming: $12.2 million, 268 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • Team Secret: $11 million, 199 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • LGD Gaming: $10.7 million, 131 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • Invictus Gaming: $10.7 million, 432 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • Natus Vincere: $10 million, 432 tournaments. DOTA 2
  • Wings Gaming: $9.7 million, 27 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • SK Telecom T1: $9.2 million, 257 tournaments, League of Legends
  • Cloud 9: $9.2 million, 674 tournaments, CS:GO
  • PSG: $9 million, 56 tournaments, DOTA 2
  • OpTic Gaming: $7.8 million, 292 tournaments, Call of Duty
  • FaZe Clan: $7.7 million, 285 tournaments, CS:GO
  • Astralis: $7.3 million, 75 tournaments, CS:GO
  • Team Envy: $6.5 million, 324 tournaments, CS:GO/Call of Duty
  • SK Gaming: $6.3 million, 649 tournaments, CS:GO


Its important to note that our list does not account for the entire worth of any esports club. The second annual value of esports teams was just published by Forbes.


These teams are obviously much more than just rivals in video game competitions. They have developed a cult-like following and are able to profit from it thanks to their tens of millions of followers on every platform.


For instance, the Faze clan, which didnt appear on the list in 2018, has climbed the rankings with a projected price of $35 million for 2019. Due in large part to their transformation into content-creating machines with the aid of their sizable audience

We should point out that the total worth of each esports team is not considered in our ranking. Esports team valuations were valued by Forbes for the second consecutive year.


The fact that these teams are much more than merely participants in video game competitions is obvious. They have a cult-like following and tens of millions of followers on every platform, which allows them to make money.




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