Can you die from playing video games? How can you play video games safely?

Can you die from playing video games? How can you play video games safely?

In this article, we examine current studies on gamer deaths and consider if video game addiction may be a factor.

What led to deaths from playing too many video games?

Heart issues

Heart-related conditions include heart attacks, heart failure, sudden arrhythmia death syndrome, and cardiac arrest seem to be the most frequent causes of mortality. The majority of the fatalities had been playing video games for several hours before they died.


One heart failure sufferer, a 28-year-old South Korean man who had been playing for 50 hours, passed away after losing consciousness. He had not slept for two days and had only taken short intervals to use the loo and to eat a little and drink a little. Its possible that his harmful gaming habits cost him his life. Playing video games for hours on end while inactive can have detrimental effects on your health.

respiratory embolism

When a blood clot lodges in the lung and prevents blood flow, it causes a pulmonary embolism. A lot of times, blood clots begin in the legs, move through the heart, and then enter the lungs. Deep vein thrombosis is referred to as this (DVT). Lack of activity, dehydration, obesity, and smoking are typical risk factors for DVT.

Gamers that play nonstop for long periods of time frequently become so engrossed in the action that they forget to move around, eat, or drink. When they do stop, they might grab some fast food instead of something more nutritious. A 24-year-old man from South Korea who had a pulmonary embolism was one of the victims of video gaming addiction. 

How can you play video games safely?


Thus, should parents and gamers be concerned? Can you die playing video games? They might be able to, but the risk seems to be quite low—one fatality out of 30 million gamers annually. The danger of dying while playing a sport is significantly reduced.

Even though they are less serious, other issues that can afflict gamers are nonetheless a matter for concern. Its simple to forget to eat and drink regularly, exercise, sleep, spend time with friends and family in person, enjoy other hobbies, and concentrate on school or job when you, or your child, spend hours in front of a screen immersed in gaming. When the scales tip in favour of gaming, it may negatively impact your relationships, academic performance, employment, extracurricular activities, and physical and mental health.

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