The 9 most addictive video games ever

The 9 most addictive video games ever

At Game Quitters, we frequently hear the same names mentioned when people discuss the most compelling video games. There is a list of the top 9 games that gamers have the most issues with.


Social, challenging, competitive, and free game types

This game takes the #1 spot on our list after going from unknown to global sensation in a year. A generation of parents who dont know how to handle the situation are panicking because their kids are so addicted to Fortnite.

Its reasonable to say that this game isnt going away anytime soon with over 250 million players globally, $200 million in monthly revenue, and a thriving eSports industry.

Yet, there are indications that the notorious Battle Royale is being played by fewer players. Perhaps a time without Fortnite is closer than we believe.

Game of Legends

League of Legends, ah. This game affects me in a way that no other game does. I can quickly go from adoring it to desiring to leave for a far-off island just to get away from its caustic community and relentlessly compelling gameplay.

To the point where I developed a guide on how to stop playing League of Legends. Many of the players that join Game Quitters choose to keep playing, but discover that quitting League of Legends has a 10x positive impact on their quality of life.

In spite of this, the games extreme toxicity cannot be disputed. Its detrimental to your mental health, and I firmly believe that you shouldnt be playing it unless you can control how much time you spend doing so.


Playgrounds for the Unknown (PUBG)

In 2017, when PUBG first came out, it swept the globe. When it was still in beta, it swiftly rose to the top of the charts and continues to draw massive numbers of players every day.

Unfortunately, the brand didnt reach new heights until the introduction of PUBG Mobile.

The well-known app is making approximately $5 million each day and is one of the most popular games in Asia. That figure is only increasing.

Its hard to understand why PUBG is so addictive when the game first launches. It costs more than every other game on the market, has clumsy controls, and mediocre graphics.


Game of Warcraft

Social, escapism, immersive, and growth games

No game on our list, in my opinion, has had quite the same influence on gaming as World of Warcraft. It no longer draws in the same number of players as it did during its prime, which is the only reason it isnt higher up. Yet, they noticed a significant increase in reoccurring players after the recent release of WoW classic.

When World of Warcraft debuted in 2004, it offered a completely fresh experience. Levels of immersion, social interaction, and continuous improvement were made possible that had never really been attempted before. It aptly epitomised the MMO subgenre.