Methods for Stopping League of Legends Playing.Have you ever considered quitting League of Legends?

Methods for Stopping League of Legends Playing.Have you ever considered quitting League of Legends?

How often have you gone to get your daily treat only to lose four straight games (due to poor teammates) and then, before you know it, its 1am? 

Now that your work is past due, youre unhappy, and you wont be getting any sleep anyhow, you might as well continue playing.

How I Ended My League of Legends Play

I found that leaving League of Legends was far difficult than leaving any other game. I therefore opted against stopping gaming immediately. 

I carried out a "Priming Phase," as I like to call it.


For a month, I would keep playing video games, but I would refrain from playing any League of Legends.


I then stopped playing video games totally for 90 days after the initial 30 days.


This was an essential step in my opinion.


In addition to this priming time, I also advise you to:

1. Be Sincere

Talk openly about your reasons for stopping gaming with your pals. Tell them that you may still be friends, but request that they refrain from discussing video games in your presence.


That also applies to Discord. They might not find gaming to be a problem, but they ought to respect your choice.

2. Discover fresh interests

There are 60 alternatives to gaming on our list. A vast world of imagination, exploration, and discovery is just waiting to be unlocked.


Several of these hobbies could make you hesitant to begin studying them. Perhaps meeting new people makes you nervous. Each and every person goes through something similar, thus it is absolutely normal.


Begin modestly. Commit to attempting one or two new things. Try another thing if you dont like it. But keep in mind that getting better will be difficult, and youll need to start somewhere.

3. Consider This Serious

It takes a lot of mental effort, but the change is essential. You no longer consider yourself a video gamer. Youre changing into someone new.


Whether you wish to pursue a career as a writer, singer, computer scientist, or anything else. Start mentioning that to others. Do not be embarrassed to inform others that you are going to the gym.


Contrary to popular belief, playing video games is not in any way idle. You can play for hours on end without being distracted. That doesnt strike me as being lazy.

Just think of what you could do if you focused that energy towards elevating your own life. In three months, youd change completely, and your old gaming mates were still playing League? Theyll probably no longer recognise you.