How to Stop Playing World of Warcraft Too Much

You will discover detailed instructions for beating your World of Warcraft addiction in this article, along with useful tips and first-hand accounts.

My time playing World of Warcraft was both the happiest and worst of my life.

Although it was the most fun Ive ever had, I also developed a World of Warcraft addiction, and my life gradually fell apart around me.

With the release of WoW Classic, I was moved to share my experience in the hope that it would help anyone else who is going through a difficult time.

My Dependence on World of Warcraft

When I turned 18, I first logged into World of Warcraft. Id been playing video games for a while, primarily StarCraft and CounterStrike. I didnt really enjoy the game at first, but that quickly changed.

My life was a shambles at the moment. After living with my girlfriend for a few months after dropping out of high school, we broke up, and I moved back in with my parents. I quit my work and found myself with nothing to do but play video games in my free time.

WoW was like receiving a gift from above.

I stopped being concerned about getting depressed. I acquired new abilities, found new acquaintances, and gave myself a fresh identity. I had a character in World of Warcraft. I was regarded, appreciated, and continually felt like I was making progress and achieving goals.

The fact that I knew what I had to accomplish in the game when I got up every morning stood in stark contrast to the real world, where I had experienced bullying, rejection, and a general sense of non-belonging.

I discovered a new home in WoW.

I recall Leroy Jenkins ganking guilds for hours in an effort to raid Gruul. I still recall the countless hours of grinding it took to obtain my flying mount. I had been grinding for a few days without stopping when a friend decided to give me the cash. It was one of my most joyful experiences and a deed of generosity that Ill never forget.

I may have achieved level 60 a month or so before Burning Crusade came out, and I will always remember the first time I went off to explore a brand-new planet. That was similar to stepping off an aeroplane and finding yourself alone on Mars.

I recall a raid on Karazhan where we vanquished Prince Malchezaar. That was a period when I was able to use a lot of the leadership skills I developed while playing hockey.

A top ten guild in the globe eventually hired me when they were in need of a new Hunter. I was quite thrilled about the chance.

I tried to save my relationship that same weekend by travelling for 15 hours on a bus, but it didnt work out. My father picked me up and drove home securely through the night.



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