Dependent on Among Us

An online cooperative murder mystery game called Among Us can be played with loved ones, friends, or random people. It has been one of the most played video games worldwide since its release in 2018. A small fraction of gamers are addicted to Among

 Us, although the majority of players play without experiencing any negative effects.

For instance, one gamer revealed that after being addicted to the game, he chose to remove Bluestacks from his computer, which is how you access Among Us:

Why are you so fond of Among Us?

People choose to play Among Us for a variety of reasons. It gained a lot of traction during the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to draw new players everywhere: 

  • Simple to understand the premise
  • readily available and simple to use
  • The games social component heightened the emotional experience
  • A common genre is murder mystery.
  • The game is arbitrary.
  • It never gets monotonous.( Playing Among Us can go on forever and never gets old. The dynamics of the game can radically shift if your buddies are joining and leaving, new lobbies are being created, and you are switching between different maps. The games are also brief, so playing them requires less effort than, say, competing in a CS:GO battle.)
  • The viewing experience is excellent.
  • The game is always changing.
  • Need treatment for addiction to Among Us?

We can assist if you or someone you care about plays Among Us or any other video game excessively and wants to take a step back and begin rebalancing their lives.

For gamers and families, Game Quitters has created two programmes to help with video game addiction. Our Reclaim programme is for families affected by loved ones problematic gaming behaviour, and our Respawn programme assists gamers in quitting gaming and living a better and more fulfilling life.




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