Overwatch or Overwatch 2 addiction?

Overwatch or Overwatch 2 addiction?

part of a well-known international esports league. A small fraction of gamers are addicted to Overwatch or Overwatch 2, however the majority of players play without experiencing any bad effects.

One of these players who has a problem with Overwatch is Hector. He revealed the following:

George Has an Overwatch Addiction

Its 3 a.m., and George is awake. He just completed playing Overwatch for another six hours. After months of saving, he finally purchased the game at the age of 14. He was smitten by the competitive team-based style right away.

Overwatch was a challenge compared to Call of Duty, which never called for any mental effort. George had never heard of the Skill Rating (SR) system, which provided him with a way to gauge his skill level in relation to other players.


It began as a straightforward challenge to see if he could surpass his friends SR rating. As the primary PS4 Tracer player, he started in Bronze at 1300 and battled to rank up by getting better and better. He took on the role of Plat, changed to Support, and spent days following popular Twitch streamer XQC in an effort to show himself that he was extremely skilled at Overwatch.


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