Adults Are Not Allowed To Purchase Pokémon Cards In A Japanese Store

Following the complete sell-out of Pokémon cards in Japan, it appears that one trading card shop in the citys Akihabara neighbourhood has taken extraordinary action: it has decided to forbid adults from purchasing cards in order to allow children to engage in the sport.

Although Pokémon cards have always been well-liked and sought-after, recent years seem to have seen a genuine explosion in their popularity. Even though some of the paper collectibles were phoney, internet celebrity Logan Paul happily paid millions of dollars on them. The items were purportedly stolen in large quantities by one individual for local store resale. Occasionally, a select few will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the most expensive cards, though sometimes the online sale absolutely  flops.

The hunt for Pokémon cards has gotten even more challenging with the release of the new Clay Burst and Snow Hazard packs, which contain Special Illustration Rare cards of the Scarlet and Violet gym leaders Grusha and Iono. As people waited in lines outside Akihabara stores to purchase the new packs and resell them online for substantial profits, the new packs are to blame for the recent card shortage in Japan. Business, baby. The selling of Pokémon cards appears to be restricted to junior high school students and younger at a retail outlet in Japans busy shopping centre in an effort to stop older people from picking them up during their lunch breaks or graveyard shifts. 

Kids in Japan have their own Pokémon card section.

On April 30, Hareruya 2, the self-described largest Pokémon trading card specialty shop in Akihabara, tweeted that it would offer a designated section of Pokémon cards just for teenagers. The unique allocation, which will only be available for 10 packs per client each day, will exhaust as soon as the last pack is sold out at the end of the day, according to a translation of the tweet. These cards cannot be purchased by adults, including parents and guardians, and the retailer apparently checks IDs to verify age.



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