Mantis from Star Wars Is Such A Good Ship

Mantis from Star Wars Is Such A Good Ship

more so than the fighting, the jumping, or the unexpectedly Star Wars-like tone. at the very least in terms of what it contributes. 

primarily due of the ships awesome design! Simply observe it. It has that "weird design presented in a surprisingly functional way" quality that Star Wars excels at,

It is a "wing" that pivots "upright" when in flight (there is no upright in space, I know, but it is upright relative to the rest of the ship), turns flat while landing, and is similar to a B-Wing but bigger. I realise its a little over the top, but since it was formerly a luxury yacht, a huge flourish or two are acceptable. 

The ships interior and details all maintain its "surprisingly functional" quality. Despite having a premium heritage, the car is massive and dense, with pipes, vents, and wires protruding in all directions. Its landing gear seems more at home on a bulk freighter than an Old Republic Roadster.

The inside, on the other hand, is as far from a luxury boat as you can go. A team of Respawn and Lucasfilm artists looked to antique submarines and the Millennium Falcon for that balance of excitement and claustrophobic necessity. 

But the Mantis is what I adore most because it connects the games. It would have been really simple to just move the player from planet to planet with only a loading screen in between as the Jedi games are divided into different stages. 

In contrast, the Jedi games require a complete process to change levels. After completing a stage, you get at your ship, where you can go about your business, look at some artefacts, and interact with your friends. Then you approach the ships map, choose your destination (you dont really have a choice, but the illusion aids in this), and take off. Real-time takeoff will occur, leaving the finished world behind, which is always cool. The ship will then accelerate into hyperspace. The spacecraft wont leave lightspeed until the player takes the co-pilots seat, at which point the new planet will fill the windows and youll be prepared for your next adventure. 

Despite how banal it may sound, Ive played 1.5 games in this series, and every time one of these moments has occurred, it has been an incredible thrill. The game is changed only by making a levels beginning or end an entire thing rather than a clip. I feel like Im on a journey that is truly global in scope rather than switching between sets of video game tasks. 

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I ponder why I enjoy the Jedi games so much. I dont really like practically anything that goes into them when I break them down into their constituent parts.