Gamers are slamming the King Charles Coronation with memes.

Gamers are slamming the King Charles Coronation with memes.

expect it to be, dripping with enough gold and jewels to drive one blind from the constant glistening. The coronation was expensive and extravagant, disregarding the difficulty of life in England due to the exorbitant expenditures of living while around 40% of the population is set to fall into poverty. 

But that is not the topic of our discussion. Well instead examine the memes that were influenced by that coronation. Some of them, like Star Wars and Elden Ring, have made me shaky.

gaming meme Consecration of King Charles III

Naturally, gamers made the most of the ridiculous occurrence on Twitter with memes. Some compared King Charles IIIs regalia, which included showy staves, a lavish crown, and gems that had been taken from South Africa (due to colonisation), to spending countless hours grinding XP.

Others who spotted participants of the coronation assumed they were trying to perfect a faith or strength build from Elden Ring as soon as they caught sight of them.

Know what pesetas are? They appear in Resident Evil 4 and are used as cash in Spain. What if King Charles IIIs crown was on sale in Capcoms survival horror shooter? Not at all. However, someone jokingly remarked that the stolen jewel on the crown would fetch 100,000 pesetas if it could be sold. 

Some people took the idea too far, comparing it to pop culture allusions like Snoke from Star Wars wearing the golden robe more elegantly than King Charles III. Spoiler alert: Snoke wore it better. The Burger King crown was likewise swapped out by the populace.

King Charles III is currently in his 70s, so of course there are memes making fun of his age. Yes, it is blatantly ageist, but some of it is still really funny.

There are plenty of coronation memes online to analyse. However, my favourite is this one, which isnt really a meme as much as it is a chant during a Scottish football match in which the crown cries for The UK to “shove your coronation up your ass”. Brilliant.