How to be contacted by Smith Talent Acquisition to be considered for esports scholarships

How to be contacted by Smith Talent Acquisition to be considered for esports scholarships

When a student first meets Smith and his staff, they evaluate the students position in the game of choice. They then establish a relationship during which Smiths organisation aids the student in making connections, submitting college applications, and, ideally, enrolling in a college with an esports programme. Smith and his crew have worked with over 80 colleges, so there is a lot of

Most students require assistance connecting with people and learning how to present themselves professionally when it comes to recruitment, according to Smith. Therefore, I especially note their significant accomplishments and offer advice on how they should present themselves to institutions.


The majority of esports players, according to Smith, look for collegiate scholarships, but sometimes all it takes is explaining to the students where they might be able to get scholarships. He continued by saying that he sees himself as the players liaison with an educational setting, assisting them with guidance, connections, and mentorship.

locating a fit

He went on to say that what makes Smith Talent Acquisition different from other services is that the students experiences are tailored to their aims and they receive coaching on developing special abilities that will help them stand out among other players. According to Smith, one of the biggest problems facing families is that they are unsure of what to do.


In order to make the hiring process for esports as simple as possible, Smith explains, "I work hard to simplify every step of the way." "I directly work with many College coaches to find the best fit for you, and I know exactly what you need to compete on a Varsity roster," says the coach.


Smiths major piece of advise to prospective students is to simply try and the locations of the opportunities. There isnt much of a collegiate scene for some games, like Hearthstone or Smash Bros., thus there isnt much opportunity to receive scholarships for them. Currently, League of Legends, Rocket League, VALORANT, and Overwatch offer the majority of job opportunities. 


In order to determine how their expectations and skills match up with the available academic options, Smith advised students to get in touch with his agency and arrange a free consultation. He welcomed parents to participate in the discussions and encouraged keen applicants to join the community Smith had established, where dozens more recruits were going through the same procedure. Smith seeks to not only assist students in finding scholarships but also to contribute by bridging the gap between athletes and educational institutions.