The esports potential of Malta

The esports potential of Malta

Esports Insider attended Playcon, one of Maltas premier esports and gaming events, at the beginning of November. For the two days of the event, thousands of people attended to learn more about eSports. Death and games. E-sports fans also got the opportunity to check out tournaments for titles like Fortnite and fighting games, as well as an expo where they could interact with fresh titles in gaming, hardware, and software. But at Esports Insider, we focused on the conference that was going on next to it, where top esports executives from across the world discussed the future of gaming and athletics. devices in Malta. speakers from GamingMalta, ESL, Discover, and Tundra Esports

The potential and state of the local and worldwide esports businesses were discussed by esports and other important stakeholders.

Meeting representatives of Maltese e-sports organisations was amazing. The island nation has a population of about 500,000 and has been inhabited since 5900 BC. Always ahead of the curve, AD adopts some trends first.

Next, Malta plans to concentrate on video games and esports. Online gambling is undoubtedly the most well-known of these phenomena, and when paired with tourism, it now considerably contributes to Maltas GDP.

Ivan Filletti, CEO of GamingMalta, a government-funded nonprofit organisation that focuses on iGaming, gaming, and e-sports, said that Maltas primary objective is to "become a global centre for games and e-sports." Its a bold statement, but it captures the positive view of the Maltese people nicely.

Eliminating escalating pain

Malta has accomplished Fillettis dream. Through GamingMalta, the government has an extended agreement with ESL Gaming that will keep the ESL Pro League, one of the most important esports leagues, on the island at least through 2024. In addition, Malta has been selected to host one of the first contests. "Champion of Champions Tour LAN," a new and ambitious CS:GO competition

The overall prize pool for the two-year GO League reaches $3.4 million. Malta certainly isnt everything.

Kurt Aquilina, COO of Playcon GMR organisers, describes the state of the Malta e-sports industry today, saying that there is a lot of activity on the island but that there are also rising issues that need to be addressed. Malta should solve if it wants to measure. even if she surpasses those of the outside world, the expectations of her people. The benefits and drawbacks of Maltas gaming industry were addressed by Aquilina, who said, "The first thing we need to think about is that local firms need to catch up and be aware of what the gaming and esports industry is all about, especially esports." . "Having said that, we have a number of international firms that sponsor global competitions, but their local affiliates are not aware of this.


The second big barrier is context. Malta has a decent amount of amateur players, according to Aquilina, but fewer in the more established professional field. He stated, "Malta needs to establish more events at the grassroots level. Aquilina also emphasised that Malta needs to work more if it is to gain worldwide recognition. Unquestionably, the ESL Pro League is an important league, but the country needs to make it more appealing for a number of upcoming contests. Being a hub also means having access to a wide range of games and events. This happened during the Central European LAN Finals of the Champion of Champions Tour.