iTero Gaming is among The Clutch Success Stories.

iTero Gaming is among The Clutch Success Stories.

 characters at the start of a match. However, not all comments were demoralising; for instance, his father offered some encouraging advice, saying, "At least when it doesnt work, youll have a real job to go back to."


In 2023, Williams is the CEO and Chief Data Scientist of the business he founded, iTero Gaming. Notably, the business has vanished

then produce League of Legends players can increase their win rates by using the Overwolf platforms iTero Drafting Coach app to assist them make better choices during the games drafting phase. 

Williams originally pitched his concept at Esports Insiders The Clutch, a pitching competition for gaming startups, and he unexpectedly took first place. He freed up his schedule after that setback and began working on his own League of Legends draft-picking method. Williams still had a long way to go before being successful, and there were numerous times along the way when it seemed his Dad and friends may have been correct.

Early Challenges

His first goal was to create a drafting tool that would improve the decision-making of professional esports teams, enabling them to win more games. Williams had little trouble developing a draught recommendation system to enhance game results due to his extensive experience in both playing Riot Games MOBA game and developing AI models.


It turns out that navigating the frequently complex esports waters was the true challenge. Finding early clients, in particular, was difficult. "I started out working with some big names in esports to build the models and demonstrate their potential," Williams added. However, despite the fact that our pilot shown tremendous potential for improved in-game performance, there was just insufficient support in the ecosystem to make full-time development feasible.

Williams was ultimately left with three choices. He could wait until the esports industry matured enough for in-house data scientists to become commonplace, or he could build an app that would make his cutting-edge algorithm accessible to the average player. However, this was a challenging task due to his lack of experience with UX/UI (user experience/user interface), marketing, and other necessary app development skills. He was thinking about going with the third option, but he didnt want to satisfy his friends and family.