XSET and Breakaway Music Festival collaborate

XSET and Breakaway Music Festival collaborate

American touring event Breakaway Music event was established in Ohio in 2016. This years festival will make seven visits and feature performers including Zedd, Flume, and Porter Robinson. The festival has previously collaborated with esports brands; in 2021, it joined with ReKTGlobal, an esports organisation.

Greg Selkoe, the CEO of XSET, stated in a brief interview with Esports Insider that this is the organizations first time working on a project of this nature. Visitors to Breakaway will be able to take part in live streams, meet and greets, and gaming competitions. On festival stages, music acts are also anticipated to take part in gaming sessions. Their musical performances will make references to gaming culture by utilising video game soundtracks and 8-bit samples.

Members of Queens Gaming Collective, a business that XSET just bought, will also take part in the activations in Boston, according to Selkoe. Additionally, preparations are already underway to add more festival stops the following year.

"XSET team members and talent will be on the scene at the festival, and our top priority will be to interact with those in attendance," said Greg Selkoe, CEO of XSET. Through a combination of meet-and-greets and gameplay itself, we intend to achieve this. Our staff and talent are fascinated by the relationship between gaming and lifestyle, and this event is the ideal opportunity to get involved, hands-on, and observe everything in real-time.


The agreement, according to co-founder and president of Breakaway Music event Adam Lynn, would let the event explore "new frontiers" by utilising the gaming community and technology of XSET. The planned activations will introduce the festival to a different audience and will.


"This strategic partnership brings together two very like-minded brands in two adjacent and frequently overlapping spaces, it is a natural fit," he continued. "Our goal is to give music fans an exceptional experience that enables them to connect through music and now gaming," the company states.