Valor-ant competitor LOL

When the same developer (in this case Riot Games) releases a new game like Valorant, it can affect the ecosystem of their existing sports games like League of Legends. Here are some possible ways League of Legends esports could evolve in a post-Valorant world:

Increased Competition for Resources: As Riot Games supports multiple eSports games, including Valorant and League of Legends,  competition for resources such as player talent, sponsorship deals and show production may increase. This could potentially lead to changes in Riot Games resource allocation and prioritization.  

Talent Cross-Pollination: Some players and organizations associated with Valorant may also have an interest  or background in League of Legends. This can lead to opportunities for talent cross-pollination, with players and staff transferring or working between both games. Improved Synergy: Riot Games may explore ways to create synergy between their various eSports games. For example, they could run joint events or campaigns involving both League of Legends and Valorant, which could potentially promote a wider fan base and wider public exposure to their eSports ecosystem.  

Continued Investment in League of Legends Esports: Despite the introduction of Valorant, League of Legends remains one of the most popular and successful esports games worldwide. Riot Games will likely continue to invest in and support League of Legends with regular updates, tournaments, and a thriving eSports ecosystem.  

It is important to note that these are speculative possibilities, and the actual development of League of Legends sports in a post-Valorant world will depend on several factors, including player interest, viewer demand, and strategic decisions by Riot Games.



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